We ensure that we expand and increase our level of productivity and capacity through acquiring these modern and state of the art equipment in order to meet the demands and needs of our clients.

The first company in the Philippines to acquire Multivac TX710, a state-of-the-art skin vacuum packaging machine.

Space-saving, innovative machine technology, comprehensive sensor system, intelligent control and high degree of process reliability.


An all-in-one automatic cooking equipment with extra functions of baking, humidification, and steaming that can cook simultaneously of up to 20 food pans. With an antibacterial surface safety feature and an energy-saver function. This equipment can definitely handle large amount of orders whether by steaming, roasting, baking, grilling or deep frying.

MBM (Free Standing Gas Boiling Pans)

More than it's boiling feature, this equipment can solve up great volumes of cooking methods such as stewing, braising, steaming, broiling and simmering. With a large pan dimension that can hold up to 100 liters of boiling pan capacity, large orders can be easily addressed and meet.

DEAN (Gas Economy Fryer)

An all-purpose fryer which provides a large oil contact surface with a controlled flow tube baffles that maximizes oil heat absorption. It minimizes costly oil usage and utilizes minimal usage of cooking oil for optimum cooking and efficiency. It is designed to protect oil integrity by trapping debris under the cooking area, preventing carbonization of particles and wasteful oil deterioration. It can load up to 14 kilograms of meat at one time frying. With this equipment, we can assure excellent quality of fried foods to be provided to all our customers.