If you usually eat lunch at a company canteen or served complimentary snacks while discussing serious work matters in a meeting room, do you ever wonder who the food service company is that lends its food expertise to make sure every bite not only feeds your hungry stomach but satisfies your overworked soul?

One of the silent heroes in the food concessionaire business that evokes this thought is Eight2Eight, Inc., a subsidiary of a Cebu-based real estate developer Robinland, Inc. Eight2Eight, Inc. has delighted thousands of busy employees from lucrative economic sectors such as BPOs, hotels, manufacturing and export processing zones, to name a few.

For 23 years, Eight2Eight, Inc. has been cooking meals for corporations with consistent deliciousness every single day, a testament of the company’s dedication, dependability and mastery when it comes to meal preparation for a multitude of busy eaters.

The secret winning formula is simply a close collaboration by the Management Team and Kitchen Staff to perfect the taste and presentation of every dish. Everybody is involved regardless of rank and sharing opinion is encouraged.

Whether you are a Corporate Executive, a Mid-level Officer or an Entry Level Employee, Eight2Eight, Inc. understands the menu that sparks you. That is why we always take time to talk to our customers to discern their changing food preferences.

With the pandemic, companies suddenly stopped serving meals at the canteens to control infection and even had to lay off personnel to keep businesses afloat. In answer to the call for health safety, Eight2Eight, Inc. flexed its business model from exclusive served meals in canteens to packed meals and has invested behind operationalizing this new way of dispensing food. As a result, top corporations gave their thumbs up to such initiative.

To be of service to the business community in terms of enabling cost savings, Eight2Eight, Inc. is open to customizing meals at a budget with guaranteed home-cooked goodness. Through precise mix and match of the right components of a dish vis-a-vis price point, Eight2Eight, Inc. is able to balance quality and price.

Eight2Eight, Inc. also caters to our penchant for dimsum and has its own commissary to concoct out-of-this-world best-sellers such as siomai, dumpling, cabbage roll, bacon roll and siopao.

It is said that in good and bad times, one happy place we keep going back to is our food tray packed with good memories of heart-warming conversation and laughter. This is what Eight2Eight, Inc. aspires to offer to the Cebu business community no matter what life brings. That after several hours of back-breaking work, there is always a meal that nourishes not only our stomach but more importantly our spirit. We will continue to live by the tradition of home-cooked goodness from farm to fork and share them to all our customers for as long as we exist.

For inquiries and orders, please call the Marketing Head at 09062715375, 032-238-4288/ 238-7288/ 505-3688 local 125.


Source: Sugbo.ph